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Event Guidelines

LCO 2019
A team of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences/Vierumaki Urheiluopisto students in Sports Coaching and Leisure Management, together with Lahden Suunnistajat -37 are organizing Lahty City-O 2019. The event will be held for the first time in Lahti city centre, with a new big sprint map and it's intended to be organized in the next years as well. The event idea and concept comes from our friends from Helsinki, who have been organizing Helsinki City-O in the last 3 years with successfull organization and results.



Age limit
There is no age limit, but we recommend to all kids and families to take part to the Family Event. More info about this event will come soon! All kids underage have to be advised by an adult.

Late registration
It is possible to enter on-site. Payment on cash or vouchers. Not later than 9am!

Group registration
For more information about company or group registration, please send us an email at



Timing will be done using EMIT electonic punching system. It is possible to rent a card for 5e/card. EMIT cards can be collected at the event registration desk. Cash payment when EMIT is picked up. Remember to return the rented EMIT card, if you lose or keep it there will be a fine of 70e/each.

Format of the competition
The competition is a score event with mass start. With map with all controls and each competitior has to choose his way to punch all of them. Each control consists in an orienteering flag and EMIT punching unit. There are no points for each control but it is compulsory to punch all of them. If a runner misses one or more controls from his course, a penalty time of 10mins/control will be added to the his finish time. The winner is the competitor that punches all the controls on his/her map in the fastest time. Each class has a course to follow before the finish line, not longer than 1km and marked on the map with control circles conencted with a line (Y101, Y102...). In this last part, the strongest competitor will be able to take the final sprint.

Duration of the competition
Mass start for all classes is at 10pm. The maximum duration of the competition is 3 hours: the finish line closes at 1pm.

The competition map is an orienteering sprint map (ISSOM symbology) in 1:5000 scale and 2,5m contour interval. It has been surveyed in fall 2018. The maps are printed on waterproof paper and map size is A2. For more info about the sprint orienteering map symbols, see the pages of the Finnish Orienteering Association.

The competition will take place in the city center of Lahti, including the area around the Sport Center and Pikkuvesijarvi. There are also parks and hills (Radiomaki) and the complicated Lahden Mathakeskus are with tunnels and stairs. There will be many busy-roads crossings, all of them using tunnels or bridges (which is compulsory, or you will be disqualified). For more info see pictures and map snaps from LCO Instagram or Facebook pages! See some examples below.




Classes and courses
There are 3 different classes: 5km, 10km, 15km. Each class is divided between Men and Women also. The length reported is calculated for the shortest routechoice that pass between all the controls. The final length for each competitor depends on his race route.

Code of conduct
Everyone who takes part to the event adhere to Lahti City-O rules.

LCO will not be possible without the support of many volunteers! We need volunteers for Lahti City-O to help us along the competition area, at the start and at the finish line. If you are interested, please email us at



Event Center
LCO event center is located in Lahden Sport Center at Salpausselänkatu 8, 15110 Lahti, Finland. The place is easy accessible by cars, public transport and bikes. It is only 10 minutes walk from Lahti travel center! There will be plenty of parking lots available and showers/toilets will be present for use.

The competition start will take place at 10am. All classes will start at the same time. Runners are divided in lines according to their class. There will be a call for all the participants 10 minutes before 10am and about 5 minutes before the start the maps will be handed out facing down. It is then possible to look at the map only 2 minutes before the start, when the speaker will announce it. The K point is the same place as the starting area. Immediately the starting point the route is free for you to choose. Be carefull because there will be a lot of participants! Be on time and help the organizers. You can bring a pen with you if it helps to plan and mark on the map your course.

The race date is March 24, 2019
Mass start is at 10.00
Finish line closes at 13.00

First Aid
First Aid points along the route are marked on the map. In addition, the competition center has its own First Aid point.

If you want to quit from the race, you have to inform the organizers at the competition center. Also, it is recommend to all participants to come back to the finish line as soon as possible after 13.00, when the competition time is over.

Bib number
Bib numbers are used in the competition. The number is personal. Bib numbers are available at the Registration tent for self service picking. No parts of the bib number shall be covered. Safety pins will be available for the competitors.

Road traffic safety
All competitios must comply with general traffic rules. Every competito runs with his/her own responsibility. Particular care should be taken in each road crossing or intersection.

Competitors bags
Competitors bags can be left at the Competition Center at your own risk. There will be no guarded storage.

There will be several toilets available. Be aware that there may be a queue when there is a large number of participants.



Prize giving ceremony
The winner of each class will be awarded with a valuable prize from our partners. The prize giving ceremony will take place immediately after the finish line closes, approximately at 13.00, at the finish area.

Lost and found
You can ask for Lost and found at the Registration desk or write us an email at Valuable items such as keys and walletr will be handed to the Lahti Police Department 2 months after the event, where they will be stored for 3 months.

The event will be covered with photos and videos, and the material will be available on the website. You can also search for them and sher them with the hashtag #LCO or #lahticityo both on Facebook and Instagram.

The results will be published on the event website. Maps and other media products will also be published on this website immedialy after the event.

No participation
Lahti City-O does not refund the participation fee if you do not start the competition and registration is personal (it cannot be transferred to another person's name).